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Technical Specs

Size of the platform in transport:
 Length: 20 feet
 Width: 9 feet

Size of the platform built up:
 Length: 30 feet
 Width: 17 feet

Weight of the table: 11,023 pounds (empty) to 15,432 pounds (full)
Rotation angle of the seats: 180°
Number of guests seated (four-point seat belts): 22
Number of staff standing in the middle: 5

Type of the crane:
132.28 tons divided over 5 axes

Size of the crane in transport:
 Length: 37 feet
 Width: 17 feet

Size of the crane built up:

 Length: 37 feet
 Width: 27 feet including support legs

Maximum height: 132 or 165 feet
Ground space requested: 100 feet x 50 feet, accessible for both crane and 40 foot truck
Build up time: around 2 hours
Break down time: around 1 hour


 TV screens
 customised underneath banner + seat stickers